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How is Corner Edge Back Up Service different from other web based storage/backup services?

Here is what sets Corner Edge Back Up Service apart from all of the other online storage and backup services:

Corner Edge Back Up Service is more than just backup.

Other web based backup services are nothing more than backup services. In addition to supplying secure, automatic data archiving, Corner Edge Back Up Service also makes it easy to share and sync files between multiple computers and multiple users, our system allows you to archive data to your secure network drive, and lets you easily access your files by way of desktop, web, or iPhone.

No restrictions on how many files or how much you back up.

Many web based storage and backup services restrick users with a maximum storage limit, this makes it difficult or sometimes impossible to backup large application files, multi media, or system files. With Corner Edge Back Up Service you have unlimited storage. Our convenient pay as you go method ensures that you will never outgrow the service. You may also backup data from external drives, network drives, and NAS devices which is typically not allowed by other backup services.

Affordable pricing for Workgroup web based storage.

Many other business backup providers are charging $1.50 per GB or more, our 50¢ per GB price makes online storage more accessible to more companies.

User based licensing – for users with multiple computers.

Most people work from multiple computers, that's why Corner Edge Back Up Service lets users install our software on unlimited machines at no additional cost, instead of using per-machine pricing as many other providers do.

Pay for only what you use, with no minimums.

While other services charge on a tiered basis requiring you pay for storage space you don’t use, Corner Edge Back Up Service only asks you to pay for the data you want to store today, but not the data you might store one day in the future. At only 50¢ per GB, you can afford to store a lot.

Complete control over users security access.

An easy to use web based user management system gives administrators complete control over the data and files user sub-accounts can access. Administrators are permitted to also create drives for individual users or entire department groups to share and can manage access permissions for authorized users. With detailed reporting, administrators have complete control over online backup and storage.

Corner Edge Back Up Service can be used for backup, archival, or both.

Many services delete backed up data that you delete from your local drive, but Corner Edge Back Up Service lets you archive folders and documents to the cloud so you can free up local space, movies, music, old directories, and old files can be stored as long as you want without bogging down your hard drive.

Corner Edge Back Up Service supports Windows, Linux and Mac based systems.

The Corner Edge Back Up Service software is a flexible cross-platform solution, even if you only use one operating system you may need to share and colaberate with others on a different system. Important because you’ll find the same features supported across all three versions.

Your data is always your data.

Corner Edge Back Up Service is an web based storage service where the application is independent from the storage and you "own" your own data. Corner Edge Back Up Service is a pipeline between you and your stored files. Administrators can choose a custom AES-256 encryption key to ensure that all of your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer, it stays encrypted while archived as well. You can even browse and download your data without using Corner Edge Back Up Service.

How is the CES Workgroup Version different from the Desktop Version?
Corner Edge Back Up Service Desktop Version has been designed, developed and licensed foruse by a single user with one or more computers. The CES Workgroup Version lets you use one account with multiple users by creating sub-accounts. Administrators can set security and access controls on each sub-account allowing for private and shared data for your team. Eventhough the Desktop Version can be installed on multiple computers, every user will have complete access to all data. The Workgroup Version provides reporting of bandwidth and disk usage on a per-user basis.
Can I manage sub-account access?
Administrators can manage user access; storage and reporting are managed through a easy to use web-based tool.
What’s new in Corner Edge Back Up Service Workgroup Version?

Multi-way Sync

Allows synchronization of files and folders on users computers with folders on the cloud-based network drive – and with folders on other computers that have been set up for syncing.

CES Backup Vault

Minimizes backup time, makes backups more efficient and saves you storage costs with compression and de-duplication technologies.

Backup History

Ability to retrieve files "as they were" at the time of a particular backup session.

Web Access to CES Network Drive Documents

Access files from any web browser anywhere in the world at any time

How many users does the CES Workgroup Version support?
There is no limit to the number of users or computers. There is a $4 per user per month charge. Every user can use the software on as many computers as they require.
What is the level of control I will have?
As an Administrator you will have the ability to create and delete sub-accounts, create and delete virtual drivesor online disks, and complete control over the permissions and security access to the online disks for individual users.
What type of reporting is available?
The CES Back Up Service reporting system permits detailed analysis of usage of disks by users, within administrator defined time periods. The Remote Backup Reporting feature lets administrator receive backup reports on the web, through e-mail, and RSS, easily keeping you on top of your backups and making sure you are alerted if errors occur.
Do I need Corner Edge Back Up Service? Can't I just go directly to your cloud storage providers?
The power of Corner Edge Back Up Service lies in it's design. It has been developed to make it as easy to use cloud storage by making it a part of your local file system similar to any other connected drive. The automatic backup feature makes it so easy to store your files securely. The de-duplicatingtechnology greatly increases downloadspeed and minimizes storage space by only backing up documents that have been altered since the last backup.
Is there a maximum amount of data I can back up?
There is no limit! CES services many users with multiple terabytes of data in thousands of files.
What is the monthly limit of the amount of data allowed for transfer?
No limit, users can upload and download as much as their bandwidth will allow.
Is there a maximum file size that can be stored with Corner Edge Back Up Service?
There is no limit to the number of or size of files you can back up. The CES Network Drive feature, has a file size limit of 5GB. Note however that package files on the Mac, such as Aperture vaults or iPhoto libraries are actually directories made up of many files. The 5GB limit does not apply to the total package size, which can be virtually unlimited.
will I have web access to my documents and files?
Yes, you will be able to access your data from virtually any web browser around the globe.
Are my files publicly available?
No, currently Corner Edge Back Up Service is designed for private file sharing and backup.
How can I tell when a new Corner Edge Back Up Service version is available?
Corner Edge will maintain your back up solution and make sure you have the most up to date system software available.


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